About IT

I was born in Toronto, Canada in September 1985, and I’m an Computer engineer from Portugal. I love algorithms and programming.

I’m starting my master science in Informatics Engineering – Mobile Computing.

Well known languages:

  • C;
  • C#;
  • JAVA;
  • PHP;
  • PERL;
  • SQL;

I also have knowledge in software engineering, computer architectures, advanced programming, system integration, information security, artificial intelligence, DBA, decision-support solutions, computer networks and Web programming.

I’m also a big Linux and Open Source fan!

On my spare time I’m a musical producer, composer and artist, producing psy trance. I play the guitar and piano, with some knowledge in sound engineering. Although the producing in the electronic scene, I’m a huge metal fan ;)

On the other hand I’m a defender of free thinking, freedom of rights,speech and way of living. Mix that with a lot of logic, philosophy and a crazy sense of imagination and you’ve got me!

My Contact: leescott (dot) knocz (at) gmail (dot) com

Best regards,

Lee Scott

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