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Available Internal Memory Widget


Hi there!Available Internal Memory Widget Logo

I made another Android application, this time in the form of a Widget 8)
I tried to keep it small, simple and clean:It shows your available internal memory in a text field and a progress bar.

It updates every half hour and on widget click (please allow some time for refresh).
Please suggest new features and layouts!

Download: Available Internal Memory Widget

Simple GPS


I’ve made an Android application to test out Android’s Market.

Simple GPS Logo
It’s called Simple GPS and it listens to the GPS sensor, to show the last obtained location.

It also has an option to show your position on Google Maps, and clipboard functionality.
- Your location (fine GPS location): For your GPS signal
- Network communication (full internet action): For Google Maps
I’m open to suggestions for new features!

And… it’s free ;) Enjoy!

Download: Simple GPS

Hello world!

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    printf("Hello World!\n");
    return 0;

Hi there!

This is my first blog entry, just checking things out ;)

I’m planning on writing about my IT experiences and musical breakthroughs whenever I get the time for it, so check back here soon for more.

Please feel free to navigate around the site and send me some comments.

Lee Scott

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